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    Self-locking condition of ball screw thread is introduced

    The ball screw is composed of screw, nut, steel ball, preload plate, reverse device and dustproof device.Its function is to turn rotating motion into linear motion, ball screw is the tool machinery and machinery often used drive components, it has the characteristics of reversibility, high precision and high efficiency.The main parameters of ball screw thread are:

    1. Inner diameter is the calculated diameter of the dangerous section in the strength calculation, which is the diameter of the imaginary cylinder surface coincident with the tooth bottom of the external thread.

    2. Diameter is the diameter of the imaginary cylinder where the tooth thickness is equal to the width between teeth in the axial profile, approximately equal to the average diameter of the thread d2≈0.5(d+d1).

    3. The outer diameter is the diameter of the imaginary cylinder that coincides with the top of the outer thread.

    4. The number of threads n is the number of screw helices.

    5. The axial distance between two teeth with adjacent screw pitch corresponds to the distance between two points on the bus bar of the middle diameter cylinder.

    6, helix Angle bits – in the pitch diameter cylinder helix tangent and perpendicular to the plane of the helix axis Angle.

    7. The self-locking condition of the screw pair is: the raising Angle of the thread is less than or equal to the equivalent friction Angle of the screw pair.

    8, ball screw thread parameters are one-to-one correspondence, each thread is has its main role, change or change the thread, to replace the specified parameters.


    Post time: Jan-15-2020
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