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    Phase characteristics of screw, guide and spline

    The screw rod, guide rail and spline have the guiding function of sliding bearing and are applied in many fields due to their moderate hardness.

    It is due to the ordinary linear screw, guide rail, spline and linear bearing point contact, so the ordinary linear screw, guide rail, spline surface hardness requirements are very high, so the material and heat treatment method is very important, to its material to meet the international requirements, to achieve precision and accurate.There are also more commonly used chrome plated hollow shaft, its performance is mainly: chrome plated hollow shaft due to the characteristics of its hollow structure, the hollow shaft in a large extent can reduce the weight, in a certain extent to simplify the structure, its internal suitable for penetration measurement wire, compressed air.

    The crystals of the screw rod, guide rail and spline can be divided into homogeneous plastids and heterogeneous plastids according to their optical properties.However, no birefringence occurs when light passes through the inhomogeneous stone in a particular direction.This special direction is the screw, guide, spline of the gem.In general, hexagonal, tetragonal and trigonal systems have only one screw rod, guide rail and spline parallel to the vertical crystal axis C axis, so it is called an axial crystal.Oblique crystal system, monoclinic crystal system, three oblique crystal system has two screw rod, guide rail, spline is called two axis crystal.

    Post time: Jan-14-2020
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