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    Production Application

    Ball screws used in food and beverage, factory automation, industrial equipment, machine tool, medical and semiconductor industries benefit from the performance of precision-ground ball screws.

    WY Precision Co. Ltd

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    Factory Automation Systems

    Factory automation systems applications integrating WY Precision  include: Robots, Feeder technology, Dispensing automation, Laser processing applications, Industrial automation systems, Inspection and test systems, Elevators, Automated assembly systems and Safety platforms.

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    Automotive Electro Actuation

    In the automotive market, numerous new hybrid cars and engines with low fuel consumption and low emissions have been developed to reduce CO2 emissions and to make their exhaust cleaner. At the same time, many projects are being undertaken to achieve greater car amenities and safer driving by applying quick and reliable electric motor drives utilizing ball screws

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    Test Equipment

    Testing equipment integrating linear motion products includes Semiconductor equipment, Parts for semiconductor manufacturing machinery, Semiconductor assembly and packaging machinery and Wafer handling.

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    Medical Industries

    Controlling linear motion is a common requirement of medical devices and laboratory equipment, and there are many linear drive options available. However, the nature of medical/laboratory applications presents unique challenges, such as ensuring precise, reliable, and repeatable movement; handling varying dynamic loads within increasingly smaller spaces; operating in clean environments that require minimal amounts of wear debris; and reducing noise, vibration, and mechanical disruptions to instrumentation during operation.

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